UW Health Sciences Library

December 2, 2019

Change is Coming to PubMed!

You may have already noticed the banner inviting you to try “the New PubMed.”  In spring 2020, this new PubMed interface will become the default interface, and “legacy PubMed” will continue to be available during a transition period of several months.

The changes are designed to:

  • Create a mobile-friendly interface by using responsive design.
  • Improving your search by automatically correcting some misspellings and searching for certain synonyms and plural forms of words.
  • Return results so that the best matches” are at the top rather than the most recent references at the top.  (It’s possible to switch the default back to sort by date.)

You can preview the new interface here.

We’ve been told that My NCBI will direct to the new PubMed, so you don’t need to recreate saved searches, collections, or My Bibliography.

The new interface for PubMed is still evolving.  If you have feedback for the developers, please send them an email!