June 2, 2023

Impact to Libraries Acquisitions During UW Finance Transformation

The shutting down of legacy accounting systems as part of the UW Finance Transformation and migration to Workday Financial means that the Libraries will be severely restricted in its ability to acquire course reserve and rush requests between June 6 and July 10.

  • All physical and streaming media ordering (whether reserve, rush or non-rush) will be suspended from June 6 until at least July 10.
  • All non-rush purchase requests will be suspended until at least July 10 (though we continue to welcome requests for new titles for the Libraries’ collections).
  • Course reserve and rush purchase requests for print and electronic books will continue to be filled to the extent possible, given our supplier restrictions related to Financial Transformation.
  • Submitting purchase requests for Summer and Autumn 2023 courses before June 5 will minimize the chances that the Libraries will be unable to fill your request in time for the course start, due to Financial Transformation.

Thank you for your patience during the transition.