April 2, 2024

New Journal: NEJM AI

UW faculty, staff, students, and researchers now have access to a new monthly journal from the New England Journal of Medicine Group, NEJM AI. This partially open access journal focuses on the research and applications of AI in clinical medicine.

A few AI Resources:

HSL Artificial Intelligence eBooks list.

Sex and Gender Bias in Technology and Artificial Intelligence: Biomedicine and Healthcare Applications. 2022 print book.

  Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence can make Healthcare Human Again. 2019 print book.

  Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. online journal.

  Generative AI for Healthcare. 2024 eVideo.

Additional AI Resources:

  • Health Sciences Library's AI research guide. Guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health sciences research.
  • Teaching@UW: ChatGPT and Other AI-Based Tools. A course design page for instructors. Inside and beyond the classroom, AI-based tools are creating efficiencies that help humans focus on deeper thinking. These tools present instructors with both opportunities and challenges when it comes to teaching and learning.