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April 26, 2021

New title on AI in surgery added to HSL eBooks page!

McGraw Hill’s Access Surgery introduces a brand new title:

Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Understanding the Role of AI in Surgical Practice.

You may access this new eBook from our list of Surgery eBooks.

From the preface:

AI has the potential to significantly impact health care in the years ahead. There has been growing interest in understanding and evaluating how AI can affect different specialties across medicine. Although Radiology and Pathology have thus far been the areas most impacted by the development and adoption of AI, other specialties are gaining traction. Surgery is one field with a tremendous amount of potential for disruption by AI.

The overall objective of Artificial Intelligence in Surgery is to provide the reader with an approachable resource on AI that can be consumed without a technical background in mathematics, engineering, or computer sciences. This book will provide a foundation of knowledge on the history, principles, and main subfields of AI. You’ll find examples of current and near future use cases for AI in surgery and then the book will transition to a discussion on the ethical implications of AI and its potential impact on health policy. Toward the end of the book, readers will find information related to AI research, with an introduction to the practical aspects underlying the research in this field, which should help readers develop a foundation to interpret existing evidence in this area.