UW Health Sciences Library

Tania P. Bardyn, MLIS, AHIP

Associate Dean for Health Sciences, UW Libraries

Director, Network of the National Library of Medicine, Region 5

Affiliate Assistant Professor, UW School of Medicine, Department of Bioinformatics and Medical Education


Health Sciences goals for 2022-2023 are available here.

Build and Open a New Interprofessional Health Sciences Library
HSL built and opened a new Interprofessional Health Sciences Library for students in the Health Sciences Education Building. The Li Lu Library is a collaborative space for students in all health science programs to learn and collaborate together in an active learning environment.


Improve Chronic Disease Oral Case Presentations in WWAMI
The University of Washington Office of Rural Affairs partnered with the UW Health Sciences Library to create a series of online Ambulatory Scripts. Accessed by mobile phone, the cards provide medical students and preceptors oral case presentation training during clinical encounters in rural clinics. Electronic cue cards allow students to work more effectively and harness the power of technology.


Enhance Asynchronous Learning Objects to Increase Online Support, Accessibility, and Productivity
Librarians are rapidly adapting to a remote or hybrid learning environment post-pandemic. Librarians will create and update the Health Sciences Library’s tutorials, guides, and handouts. The goal is to enhance access to asynchronous learning objects so that they are accessible online to all users.


Update All Signage in the Library
Increase university community awareness of Library programs, services, and spaces by updating or replacing existing Library signage and digital TV screens by June 2023.



Collaborate with HCA to Promote Shared Decision-Making Tools to HEALWA
Shared decision making (SDM) allows patients and providers to make health care decisions together. It takes into account what is important to the patient -- and clinical evidence -- so the patient can choose what is right for them. The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) is a leader in advancing SDM and Washington State is the first state to pass legislation around SDM. SDM is a key component of multiple Washington State priorities including health equity, maternity care and high-value care. HEALWA shares these priorities and will work to promote and make available tools developed by the HCA.


These goals were developed by the individual departments and Management Team. UW Health Sciences Library would like to acknowledge the support and partnership of Advancement, UW Medicine, UW Facilities, Office of Rural Medicine, Health Sciences Administration, and all our institutional partners for their collaboration as we move forward to achieve these goals in order to optimize resources and improve access to welcoming and useful spaces.

Library Responsibilities

Contact me for assistance with:

  • Planning library and information services, technology support, clinical research & informatics or education development
  • Mobile app development
  • Grant proposals requiring Health Sciences Library support of investigators
  • Grants requiring librarian support for searching or community outreach
  • New trends and technology
  • Accreditation for Health Sciences Schools
  • Advancement

Partnering for Success: Message from the Associate Dean

The expectation that the practice of medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and social work be evidence-based compels educators and librarians to effectively incorporate research education into health sciences curricula. With the new HSEB building now open for use by the six Health Sciences Schools and standards of care changing, it is imperative that health sciences professionals have the ability to competently interpret the quality of evidence in medical research publications and have access to the essential resources. Our librarians at the University of Washington Health Sciences Library must effectively teach students and clinicians how to think about the problem, which information to access, how to interpret the available evidence, and what to do if no or weak evidence exists. The librarians at the Health Sciences Library offer REDCap, expert searching, and research impact skills and support ORCID, NIH Biosketches, and MyNCBI services. We also participate in accreditation preparation and reviews, teach classes to departments and schools on various topics, and lay a foundation of critical thinking and lifelong learning skills to support health information literacy.

Updated 11/23/2022


Phone: (206) 543-0422

Email: bardyn@uw.edu

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