UW Health Sciences Library
Name Title Phone Email
Tania Bardyn, MLIS, AHIP Associate Dean of University Libraries
Director, Health Sciences Library
Director, Network of the National Library of Medicine, Pacific NW Region [NNLM PNR]
206-685-3299 bardyn@uw.edu
Electra Enslow, MA, AHIP Assistant Director, Clinical Research & Data Services TBD electrae@uw.edu
Adam Garrett Assistant Director, Systems 206-616-4142 garrett@uw.edu
Cathy Burroughs, MLS Associate Director, NNLM PNR 206-543-9261 cburroug@uw.edu
Patricia Devine, MLS Assistant Director, Community Outreach Coordinator 206-221-2452 devine@uw.edu
Hendeke Araya, MS Assistant to the Associate Dean & Director 206-685-3299 arayah3@uw.edu