An open book

October 26, 2020

UW Libraries Announces New Open Scholarship Commons

UW Libraries announces our new Open Scholarship Commons (OSC), designed to provide a hub for cross-disciplinary knowledge creation and dissemination. Enhance your science communication with wider audiences by learning new tools and techniques to share your research openly. From data visualization to digital book publishing, we have you covered at the Open Scholarship Commons!

Pre-pandemic, Suzzallo was preparing to launch an in-person Experimentation Space this fall, but staff has worked hard to reimagine those services and events for an online environment. The new, virtual OSC Experimentation Space has launched, and they would love your feedback! OSC intends to develop and adapt the virtual space based on the experiences and comments received from users of services and attendees of events, consultations, and workshops. OSC looks forward to connecting you with the resources you need for technology-intensive work across disciplinary boundaries.

Have a question or want more information? Read about the launch: introductory blog post, or just Ask us!