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Why Medical Libraries for VR services?

Medical libraries are well-positioned to house VR studios to serve medical communities that are collocated near hospitals and/or medical schools. Access to VR spaces will help these communities to visualize cases in three dimensions before meeting patients, simulate surgical work flows, identify risks, and enhance team communication and inter-professional learning. Libraries are at the forefront of all aspects of data management, and VR techniques in medicine are a more accurate and sophisticated form of data visualization. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are data heavy, and librarians’ growing expertise in this field will provide essential support to patrons using this technology for medical purposes.

There is growing and demonstrable interest among medical libraries nationwide regarding the implementation and application of virtual and augmented reality equipment and spaces in libraries. Multiple institutions who are either planning or considering adding VR technology or a VR space to their library, and a few, are already incorporating VR into their library services. Medical libraries often have the space required for effective use of virtual reality technology, in addition to providing a neutral, centralized location for users’ ease of access.

HSL VR Studio


PI: Tania Bardyn, MLIS
Collaborators: Dimitri Levin
Beth Ripley, MD
Mark Reisman, MD
Ed Verrier, MD
Nicole Walker, RN
Ryan James, Pear Medical
Gili Meerovitch, Pfeiffer Architecture Planning Interiors
Location: Magnuson Health Sciences, Health Sciences Library, TRAIL Room
Year Started: October 2017
Project Manager Adam Garrett
Library Staff: Emily Patridge, MLIS
Stephen Gabrielson, MLIS
Deric Ruhl
Administering College/School: UW Libraries
P.I. Home Department: Health Sciences Library
Faculty Involvement: 5

Reporting Structure

Betsy Wilson
Vice Provost & Dean, Universities Libraries

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