Monkeypox is a viral disease that experienced a worldwide breakout in 2022

August 23, 2022

Monkeypox Outbreak 2022

While the scourge of COVID-19 continues to affect the lives of people all over the world, many have turned their attention to another viral disease, monkeypox, which is circulating in several countries across the globe.

Monkeypox, a rare disease caused by the monkeypox virus, is related to the smallpox virus causing similar but less severe symptoms. It is transmitted to people through close contact with infected individuals or animals, even materials contaminated by infected individuals such as bedding. Though most common in some Central and West African countries, there have been occasional monkeypox outbreaks in other parts of the world, including the global outbreak of the virus in May of this year.

Listed below are a few resources—websites, articles, and fact sheets—on monkeypox.

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