February 24, 2022

Celebrating Fair Use Week

Do you have questions about how to legally cite and use others’ resources in your instruction, coursework or scholarly output? How can you share your own work to promote equity of access and retain ownership of your intellectual property?

This week is Fair Use Week. Check out University of Washington Libraries Blog on Fair Use, Copyright and more, including history, tips and tools to help you understand this complex information.

Additionally, learn about Creative Commons licenses and how you can apply it to your intellectual property to say how it can be used.

Finally, see further resources collaboratively developed by University of Washington Libraries and School of Medicine Learning Technologies for a summary of these topics and more.

Content Sources for Pressbooks | UW SOM Learning Technologies

Open Education Week: It’s Bigger than Free Textbooks | UW Libraries Blog

Pressbooks and Open Education Resources | UW SOM Learning Technologies


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